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Jackie, our beloved physical therapist at FPI

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With the heaviest of heart I am passing on the tragic news I learned last night. Right after the gigantic sale at the Handicap foundation, Jackie and her two young sons, Juan Carlos (handicapped) and Jonathon (not handicapped) were involved in a horrible car accident and Jackie was killed. Juan Carlos is in the hospital and I don't have any news on Jonathon. Jackie was a wonderful person who knew how to make lemonade from lemons. Instead of bemoaning her fate as a mother of a special needs child, both she and her mother Maria volunteered every week at the Handicap Foundation. Maria was the main cook and Jackie was the all around helper. And then Jackie got inspired and managed to go the physical therapy school and she became the sole paid therapist for the handicapped folks who needed her. She was at the center at least three days a week and the physical therapy group became like a second family with each other. In some cases, the group was the only family. Her death not only leaves a huge hole in our hearts, but is devastating to the therapy program. It will put a major burden on our volunteer therapist Chuck High.

For those of you who knew Jackie, I will post funeral details as they become available.

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A message from Susan Peterson:
I have been in contact with Migdalia who has already organized a gathering tomorrow (Monday) for anyone who can come and help to pack the unsold items from the patio sale, store, remove unnecessary items and clean in preparation for the casket to arrive, probably Tuesday.  They will be arriving about 8AM and stay until the building is ready.
I also just spoke with Carlos (husband of Jacqui) who hopes to have Jonathan released from the hospital tomorrow, but Jean Carlos has been sedated for three days with the hope of healing his injuries without his being agitated, so he will still be in intensive care.  Jean Carlos had internal bleeding and blood in the lungs.  Carlos sent me a picture of Jacqui on WhatsApp that he would like us to print and get framed to be put on the casket.  I have asked Howard if he can help.  This is not my forte.
Flowers have been ordered and we will get sandwich makings to provide to the family and friends who are at the wake.  There is already coffee, milk and sugar.  Bev Tyler called and also volunteered help with food if needed.
Tomorrow we can deal with whatever Migdalia and I have forgotten.  We are totally heartbroken and devastated and cannot imagine the effect that losing Jacqui will have on the rest of the members, especially her physical therapy group.
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Here is the latest news from Susan Peterson:

I spoke with Migdalia for quite a long while. Carlos will go to the morgue tomorrow morning to see if he can get Jacqui’s body removed early (not having an autopsy) to transport to the Foundation. He plans on getting a casket from a local funeral home and use his pick up to transport the body. He is now planning to only remain at the Foundation for a few hours before moving the body to his home in Palma Real for the “velorio” (all night wake). Although he asked if members of FPI would accompany him, I, for one, will not drive that road at night and think that only those who would take a taxi and spend the night would attend. As you may recall, it is a one lane dirt road and very small house. What we still do not know is when the mass and funeral are planned. I suspect that the family is waiting until they have confirmation of release of the body, hoping for a Wednesday mass and funeral. Carlos has promised to advise Migdalia when he has authorization to remove Jacqui’s body and drive to the Foundation at which time Migdalia will begin to advise members of FPI.

Jonathan has been released from the hospital and has confirmed that both he and Jacqui had fallen asleep on the way home which was the cause of the accident. When Jonathan awakened with the serving of the car, immediately calling his Mom, she was unable to control the car. There were no other cars involved. Carlos’ mother has resigned from her job to take responsibility for the care of Jean Carlos. Carlos plans on continuing to bring Jean Carlos to the Foundation in the future. He is in need of 3 more pints of blood.

Any additional news that I receive I will pass on to you as soon as possible.

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About the mass and buriel of Jackie Gonzalez . . . a message from Loesje Sherwood:

There has been another change in the funeral plans for Jacqui:

The bus will leave at 9:00 am or 9:15 am at the latest from the FPI building, together with a number of cars carrying members with special needs. We will drive directly to the turn-off for Palma Real. There will be no visit at the home of Carlos and  Jacqui.
Those who are able,  are invited to join the procession behind the casket, on foot,  from the turn-off on the Ruta Sur to Palma Real village and the Palma Real church.
The Mass at the church will start at 10.30 am.
The burial at the Potrerillos cemetery will take place in the afternoon. I am not sure at what time.
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