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Marcelyn and I recently celebrated an anniversary by having dinner at Parmigiano Restaurante. For those who don't know, it is on the main road in Boquete, about 50 meters south of the Fish House, and across from the former Texaco station.

We are early risers, so we frequently have dinner at 5:00pm or 6:00pm. Our special anniversary dinner actually was to begin at about 4:30pm. Turns out that the restaurant does not open until 5:00pm, so as we were turning away at the locked street-side gate, we heard a voice. It was Sergio, and he came out to rescue the potentially lost patrons. He told us he was cleaning the floors getting ready for the evening dinner service. He asked if we wouldn't mind waiting a bit, but inside and he would get us drinks while waiting. Sure, we said. We weren't in a hurry.

We ordered drinks, and chatted over our drinks while Sergio finished his tasks. He then took our order. We did a pasta carbonara dish with homemade pasta, along with garlic toast. We both really like garlic. Pretty soon our main entrée arrived. Tasty, nice presentation, a large serving, and good service.

Overall this was a pleasant dining experience. Nice background music at an appropriately low volume, with music to our liking. The inside of Parmigiano Restaurante has been rearranged a bit from our prior visit there a few months ago. The service was excellent, a lot of attention to details, but not intrusive. The only downside is the lack of parking. We parked on the side street near Sugar and Spice, and walked over. 

We will go back.

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The both of us had drinks (1 alcohol and 2 sodas) and dinner (a single order that was shared, including appetizer). Given the great service and food we did NOT ask for a jubilado discount (but previously we asked for and had no push-back about the discount)..Total bill, including tip was $31.00.

I did not study the menu, but I estimate an average price for a main course at about $12.00. They are BIG servings.

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Sounds like a good deal.   My friend and I visited Baru the other day for a quick snack.   We had a plate of french fries and  6 chicken wings - no drinks - the bill was $20 !!!   That is double what would be reasonable.  

When asked for the bill the waiter told us the amount but held the paper bill back.   I asked to see the actual printed bill - and as I suspected a tip was already included on the bill.    I won't be back and I now remember why it had been so long since my last visit.

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The same thing happened to me recently in Baru, and I won't be back. Several months ago all their prices increased dramatically. Someone said it was because it was tourist season. Due to its centralized location, it will continue to be popular with tourists, but residents are going to be burned once and gone. Moreover, they don't serve any beer except Panama!

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