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Backup Generator for Rodny Moreno


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amigos de boquete.png

Our thanks to the BCP, Paul Morgan (Green-Go Telecom), and Justin Rambo (Rotary Club of Boquete) for their kind assistance in providing backup power to Rodny Moreno.


As the man we all count on when we are in trouble, we are delighted that Rodny will have electricity when the power goes out.



Amigos de Boquete

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Amigos de Boquete works quietly, without a lot of fanfare. But the work they do is astounding and far-reaching. In addition to the generator for Rodny, they recently arranged for generators and telephones to be provided to the Doctors Without Borders operation in the Bocas del Toro province. The importance of this cannot be overstated as the DWB workers often are hours away from civilization. Panama owes a lot to Phil McGuigan and his crew. I personally want to thank them in this public forum.

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I agree with everything Bonnie says about Phil McGuigan and his Amigos de Boquete organization. Only one minor correction . . . the medical group in Bocas is not the world famous doctors without borders (real name is medicos sin fronteras). This group is something like "Floating Doctors". They live and operate out of a large ship docked in Bocas.

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