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Seeking A New U.S. Warden


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For some technical reason, part of the above topic was not included in the posting. It is being added here for the sake of clarify and completeness.



The post of US Warden is part of a common system used by the Dept of State for many years throughout the world. It did not come into effect in Panama until the invasion of 1989. The post of warden is to act as a connection between the Consul of the US in Panama and communities of US citizens.

Remember that the Embassy is to represent the US government to the government of Panama - it is the Consul who represents the US government to it’s citizens here - their health and welfare.

Wardens serve ad honorem.

Requirements for the job include an ability to communicate in Spanish, an understanding of Panama customs, authorities and culture, a basic understanding of Panama laws and regulations, a large dose of Patience (for dealing with US citizens), and a reasonable amount of common sense (for dealing with Panamanians). Perhaps more important than these are the time and inclination to care for folks with problems - health problems, financial problems, marital woes, child custody issues, and conflicts with both fellow US citizens and Panamanians.

My fellow warden in David, Don Ray Williams spends endless hours in the regional hospital trying to ease the suffering and confusion of our brother/sister citizens. It is not always pretty and nice, but when you are able to resolve an issue baffling to he who is needy, it is remarkably rewarding.

For those who might be interested, I urge you to express an interest to Cindy Caplan, Vice Consul for US Citizen Affairs at the Consulate in Panama. She is at Panama-ACS@state.gov. and I urge you to contact her briefly describing your background.

With my regards and respect,
Price Peterson


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