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YOGA BOQUETE New live yoga class!


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Hola a todos,

YES!   Things are starting to open back up, and I am thrilled to announce that I will now be teaching one 'live' class a week at the Haven Spa.  For all the other days (and for those who choose to practice from home) I offer online zoom yoga.   Details are as follows.   I hope to see you soon, either in-person or on-line. 🙂   Yoga Boquete continues!!!

10:00 - 11:00 AM
$8.00 / Boquete Residents
$10.00 / Visitors

Location: The Haven Spa, Bajo Boquete 
Join us for an intentional, yet challenging practice in a beautiful space.  This core-focused class combines traditional yoga postures with targeted movements, to strengthen, tone, and stretch the muscles that control the spine. Extending beyond the familiar abdominal "six pack", the core muscles include the muscles of the pelvic floor, inner/outer hip, deep spinal muscles, and the 'breathing' muscles.  A well-developed core provides essential spinal stability, improves posture, and may to helps alleivate back, hip, knee and even neck pain. 
(Yoga Boquete's most popular class is online!)
Monday thru Friday
8:30 - 9:30 AM* 
$5.00 / per class; or $65 / per month
Easy Payment Options, Join Anytime!
^^^ Use this same link to access every class ^^^ 
(no passcode required)
Traditional yoga poses blend with somatic movement in this 60 minute 'zoom' class. Great for beginners or those who prefer a slower, more gentle style with clear instruction. Experience enhanced breath/body awareness, as you strengthen, stretch, and smile your way into the day! Benefits include increased strength, flexibility, balance, & overall improved well-being.  Practice yoga in the morning... and feel good all day!
Requests Are Encouraged
Each class is tailored to the group's needs. This is done in the spirit of traditional yoga where asanas (poses) were 'prescribed' for various conditions (ie, back pain, tight shoulders, etc.) Hence, the more you attend practice... and provide feedback... the more supportive and deep your experience will become. 
* 'Virtual doors' open at 8:20 am; Class begins promptly at 8:30 am.
Please allow time for check-in process.  Please note that class times are according to Panama time zone (EST)
$5.00 per Class
Pre-Pay or 'Retro Pay'
Join as many classes you want between Monday and Friday. Either make payment before each class -- or you you may pay cumulatively at the end of the week, before the next week’s cycle begins.
$65 for monthly unlimited 
Pre-pay (for 30 consecutive days)
If you choose this option, you may attend as many classes as you would like for a month. It’s a great deal at $3.25 per class!
1. Pay Pal Account (Joy Huppe)
2. Local Bank Transfer (Banistmo)
3. Arrange to meet up in person, and pay in cash! 
For more information, contact Joy: joya250@hushmail or +507-6426-0843 (WhatsApp) -- or simply reply to this email
Oh, AND... I also am available for private or group classes "on location" or online... contact me to schedule a session. Namaste 🙂
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I chuckle at emails and postings like this. No where does the person who sent this advertisement tell the public about themselves. What is their name? What are their credentials? How many years of experience do they have? Etc. Etc. Etc. That absentmindedness tells me to avoid this service provider.

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