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The passing of Franc Lugo

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I was just informed that our friend Franc Lugo died at Hospital Regional. Franc was in the hospital for deep vein thrombosis which resulted in the amputation of his leg and then resulted in an aneurysm which was operated on. Franc will be remembered fondly by the Boquete Community.


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More information about Franc's last days from his landlady, Penny Ripple:

For the many residents of Boquete, this is a very sad day.   Our friend and neighbor, Franc Lugo, passed away at 9:39 last night in the Regional Hospital.   The cause of death was Sepsis, which he developed after 3 surgeries, including the loss of his left leg and repair to an aneurysm in an abdominal aorta.   

Please send your prayers to Isabel and her family, and to his son in the US, who is recovering from a recent motorcycle accident and does not know about his father’s passing.

Franc lived on our property for the last few years, as our friend and caretaker.   We will all mourn his passing…he was one wonderful guy!

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“Those were the days my friends,

We thought they’d never end,

We’d sing and dance forever and a day”.


Sadly, the song was not quite true. We lost our wonderful friend, Franc Lugo, on February 11, 2021.

Franc was an integral part of the “Cabaret Life” that the BCP Theater brought to Boquete.

Franc sang, he danced, he acted, he played onstage and behind stage. Franc worked the bar, the gardens, the parking lot. He sold tickets, helped with every production. He was a joyful presence at Christmas time when BCP treated the Boquete children to movies and music and goodies.  Franc assisted those of us with woeful Spanish skills as we felt our way through the Panama intricacies of running your small local Community Theater.

He  smiled and laughed and gave you his whole heart.

We miss you Franc …. Forever and a Day.

Our condolences to Isabel and all your family and friends.

With much love and gratitude,

Dave and Erin Ross


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Memorial Service for Franc Lugo

A Memorial Service will be held for Franc Lugo on Tuesday morning, 9:00 a.m., February 23, 2021, at the San Juan Baptiste Church in downtown Boquete. The family cordially invites friends and fellow Boqueteños to attend. Let’s fill the Church and say goodbye to Franc.

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