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The History of a Little Community Theater Group in the Mountains of Panama!


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The History of a Little Community Theater Group in the Mountains of Panama! Curtain Up!!  Come Play With us!

(written and submitted by one of the original founders of the BCP Community theater)


In 2005, a small group of newcomers in their new home Boquete , Panama envisioned a Community Theater. They called it Boquete Community Players. Now known as BCP.


Many had never had any Theater experience…but now that they were retired, thought they would like to pursue their earlier Dreams. They also wanted to bring theater to their new home Boquete.


For a few years they put on serious plays, comedies, and musicals. They appeared in any little nook and cranny they could find.


For one performance the power was gone and the actors continued without losing a beat, with flashlights, little battery lights and cell phone light!!


For another show, the floods came and the venue was filled with mud!  The Director, a local Heroine, and the volunteers and the Bomberos hosed and swept out all the dirt and debris so that the “Show Could Go On”.


Community Theater is a Challenge. It is ALL Volunteer. The BCP Council Members have heavy responsibility and no compensation.


In 2009 BCP … was offered an opportunity to rehabilitate a rundown property on the banks of the Caldera River. In effect taking the “pigs’ ear” and turning it into a “silk purse”. BCP, its Volunteers and its Funds have done that. Over the years, the community, through BCP, has spent a very large amount of money on the theater and benefited from the work of volunteers to make what had been a derelict building into a venue that has not only attracted residents, and visitors but has also attracted new people to move to Boquete, because Theater, Music and the Arts had a special place here in our town, and our hearts.


Musicals, Plays, Parties, Movies, Dances, Weddings, Conferences, Jazz Jams, the Original Tuesday Market, and Tuesday Talks? All happened on this property for YEARS, since 2009!


Remember? It was a joyous, happy, silly, serious, amazing time.


If you are Newer in Boquete …perhaps you have no idea what went into this project of love.


We are now in January 2021and  BCP has lost their lease and the new lessee has ordered BCP to Dismantle the theater.  …. The Boquete “ Community Theater”.

How very sad.

At least we all will  be able to say …  “ Once upon a Time…. Boquete had a Theater”.

What a sad loss for our community.

BCP photo 1.jpg

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Here are some of the comments sent to Newslady:


That is very sad to have lost the lease. I thought it was owned by the guy from Big Daddy's. Wasn't there some way this could have been worked out??

-- Bonnie



This is, indeed, so very sad.

This community has always been helpful. 
I won’t be surprise if some of many, would like to help.
The theater is very important to a community, maybe, even the Mayor would be interested to help out.
I am so sad. This will mean an end of a wonderful Era that many of us enjoyed and helped to build.
-- Yolanda.



I am one of the original founders of BCP. We cleaned, we painted, we repaired, we built walls. We took an open air building inhabited by squatters and we made it into the BCP theater and activities center. Over the years we spent close to $100,000 to make repairs and improvements to the building. We needed to sub-let one area to a restaurant to help us cover the rent. It was a sad day when the building owner chose to give the new lease to an entity other than BCP. And now the BCP theater will be no more. I am sad and also angry with the people who were behind this outrageous outcome.

-- Penny




Dear Original Founder,

            I remember… I enjoyed.  I was part of the “cast” of what was the first or second Mystery Dinner.  I had so much fun.

            I also remember the work provided by volunteers to improve the premises… truly a work of love.

            Thank you BCP Council Members for providing the community a joyous, happy, silly, serious, amazing time.   It will be missed.



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On 1/13/2021 at 5:11 PM, NewsLady said:

Here are some of the comments sent to Newslady:

Hard to believe this is happening.  This is an important part of our community  and a sad sad day for it right now.

There must be an answer ...a way to save the theater somehow. 


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