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FPI Logo.jpg


This is another in a series of audio podcasts by Chiriqui.Life. The subject of this podcast is an organization, specifically the Fundación Pro-Integración (FPI). which is better known by its popular name of "The Handicap Foundation". The underlying reason for this podcast is to share information about the Handicap Foundation that has existed here in Boquete since the 1980s.

The three people interviewed were Susan Peterson, Penny Barrett, and Loesje Sherwood. These three ladies are the primary management team for the Handicap Foundation. Below from left to right are Loesje Sherwood, Susan Peterson, and Penny Barrett in a group shot taken immediately after the audio recording session.



Contact Information


Handicap Foundation Business Cards (Spanish and English)

Business card in Spanish.jpgbusiness card in English.jpg


Donation Information

  • For goods and services, contact Migdalia Rios, see above
  • For direct cash donations: Banco General, account name Fundación Pro Integración, account number 0448999032580
  • For US tax deductible {501(c)(3)} donations, contact Susan Peterson, see above


The Audio Podcast

To listen to the Handicap Foundation podcast, click below on the white, right-pointing triangle (arrow) on top of an orange circular background. If you see two options below, we recommend using the "Listen in browser" option as opposed to the "Play on SoundCloud" option.

This podcast is 42m 40s duration.

If you would like to provide feedback about this podcast, or discuss other matters related to this podcast series, please either reply to this posting, or send CL Staff a private message (@Moderator_02 is the correct display name to communicate with), or email to support@chiriqui.life.


How To Share This Podcast With Others

If you would like to share this podcast with family and friends, simply provide them the following URL:


Pictures Taken at Various Handicap Foundation Events and Activities

#1 A new start.jpg


#2 Saturday fun.jpg


#3 Chuck, our physical therapist, evaluating one of our babies.JPG


#4 Our queen 2019.jpg


#5 Susan and Omayra - July 2007.jpg


#6 With the help of volunteers, Ninfa adds her butterfly to our mural.jpg


Tom and Caroline.jpg


#7 It's so much fun to be Queen.jpg


#8 Another Saturday... another mural under way.jpg


#9 Reinado time ... Waiting for the Queen.jpg


#10 .jpg


#11 Saturdays at FPI... a house full of activities.jpg


#12 Santa Claus came to FPI.JPG


#14 Summer days....jpg


#15 A full house on Mother's Day.JPG


#16 20-30 Club bringing gifts for our members.jpg


#17 We all get along....jpg


#18 THE event of the year... at Borinquito waterpark.JPG


#20 So much creativity!.jpg


#21 Borinquito... everyone gets a chance to take a dip!.JPG


#22 Mission accomplished!.jpg



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  • Moderator_02 changed the title to Chiriqui.Life Podcast #22 -- Fundación Pro-Integración (Handicap Foundation)

I have heard about the Handicap Foundation but knew little of it. Glad that you posted this. Lots of good information, and the pictures brought it home. This is important stuff for the Boquete community. Thanks to the three ladies who did the interview, but not just for doing the interview. Also for the volunteer work they do and have done for years.

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