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Directions to Volcancito School


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After my urgent request for help for Volcancito School for school supplies and food, I have received many emails asking how to get to Volcancito School
These are the directions:
Volcancito Road is across the street from the big yellow visitors center at the top of the hill before you go down the hill in to Boquete.
Continue up Volcancito Road about 2 km
On the RIGHT side, you will see a MASONIC Lodge.  The school is next to the Masonic Lodge.
They need
Paper with lines
copy paper
colored construction paper
dry erase markers
little hot dogs

or any other school supplies you can get

Please bring your donations of school supplies or food to Volcancito School on Monday, February 29th at 8 am.  They gladly accept donations any school day, any time.  I especially like going at recess at 10am so I can visit with the children.
For many of the children at this school the meal they get at the school is their best meal of the day.   Please help the school to provide a nutritious meal every day.
For more information about how you can help the children at Volcancito school, contact the principal, Candelaro, 66459733
He speaks English.
Thanks in advance for your generous donations
Jackie Lange
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