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Being Prepared for Life and Death


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Why You will Want to Buy the Printed Copy of  Being Prepared
When the new “Being Prepared in Boquete Guide” first became available, I got my pdf version. I was excited to receive this well prepared and very valuable reference material. Many excuses later I had yet to print the 36 page booklet, let alone begun compiling the necessary information.  Since this was not working for me,I decided to get the nicely printed and organized  booklet for $10 - one for me and one for a friend.  So glad I  did!!  My friend is so extremely appreciative for her copy.  If you have procrastinated as I did, I encourage you to get your copy.  JUST DO IT!

Being Prepared – Hard Copy
Many of Boquete’s citizens have purchased and received a PDF copy of the newly revised Being Prepared in Boquete for Life and Death.  This is a good way to start the gathering, sorting and preparation of the necessary information.  

However, the hard copy (on sale at Mail Boxes Etc.) has one distinct advantage – it is already in a spiral binder with plastic covers to help keep the information together, organized and neat.  

The hard copy is available for a minimum donation of $10.00.

Click Here to buy the PDF of Being Prepared 
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