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We are at last able to give you our good news about the future of BCP’s Tuesday Market!

Over the years, BCP’s Tuesday Market has evolved from its humble beginnings at the Fundadores Hotel to its recent location at what is now TapOut. We are now able to move into a better location than ever before.

As soon as the health precautions allow, we will be opening in the Arco Iris Room at the Feria grounds. As before, this is just over the bridge, but now on the left - the room is right on the corner.

This room is so large that even obeying social distancing with 2 meters between tables, we will be able to have all our vendors under one roof. You will no longer have to brave the wind and the rain to reach everyone. The room is bright and clean, the lighting is good and there are excellent bathroom facilities

We are very excited to be able to use this facility which is a very positive step from all that has gone before. We are working with MINSA to ensure that the market will be held in such a way that everyone will be safe. Whatever limits are put on us we will be ready to welcome you back.

For more information email info@eventsboquete.org

To inquire about being a vendor: email market@eventsboquete.org

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A Win/Win when we are all allowed to "gather" again. The BCP Theater still in place and use, The Tuesday Market  Bigger and Better than ever... and a great place for Lunch and a cold one, Tap Out. Well done all the folks who worked so hard to make this happen for the Boquete Community. Gracias.

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Latest Information

This picture is of the Arco Iris room, just across the bridge on the corner of the Feria grounds. As you can see it has good lighting, plenty of space and a clean, evenly tiled floor. Since this picture was taken, ceiling fans have been installed and provide wonderful air circulation.

We are working with the MINSA regulations for reopening and can tell you that even with the social distancing requirements, there is room for all our previous vendors plus some from our waiting list. If you know of other vendors we have not been able to accommodate in the past, please have them contact us - we now have space available! As before, we will also welcome all charities and non-profits at no cost, so they can let Boquete know about their great services.
For the vendors: BCP will operate the market much as it was before our move. If we provided you with a table - we will still do so, if you brought your own you can still do so and you will not have to struggle with steps, wind and rain. Electricity can be supplied at your table at no additional cost. Our customers will be protected from the weather and be able to find you without searching. Whatever you were paying at the old location will not change for the foreseeable future and we are planning a special deal while you are getting used to the new location.
The area at the right hand side of the room is particularly bright and ideal for jewelry displays, there is a kitchen area where we will be able to make and serve coffee etc.
We know our customers will love this new area because it is so easy to move around without bottlenecks in doorways and uneven floors, and none of the vendors will be hidden away.
We are planning a special event for opening day, all we need now is the date when we will be able to start but unfortunately that is not up to us. We are ready as soon as we get the go-ahead!

Arco Iris.jpg

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