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Rapid Serological Test KiT COVID-19

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To our patients and friends:

We are pleased to inform you that we are managing the acquisition of the Rapid Serological Test Kit to mine whether or not you have had COVID-19 and this test has already been validated by the Gorgas Commemorative Center, the tests may soon be done in the clinic..

We are making  the list of people who are interested in taking the test. If you are interested please send us the following information:
Full name, age, identification number (E-cedula or passport), telephone, mail and place of residence. 

If you want this information can send to WhatsApp 6949-5998 or send us a email to boquetemedical@gmail.com, if you know someone who may be interested sharing this email.

We are located downtown Boquete next to la Reina department store.

Also visit our website www.boquetemedical.com where you can check the rest of our services, associates and in the label contact you will see our google map address. 

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This is interesting, but I suspect everyone will come back negative.  We don't have any recent cases in Boquete, and the few that did have it were isolated and have recovered.  I would love to test positive for antibodies, but that won't get me out of quarantine.  I still may do it because I did have a mild fever a few weeks ago.

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