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Apple I-Phone 4S 8GB GSM Unlocked Cell Phone - Black -- SOLD

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649949616_Iphone.jpg.0edb807547e80c1d47670b2f6974db35.jpgThis I-phone has been donated to the Boquete Handicap Foundation by a donor who has upgraded to a newer model. It has been reset to factory original. The iPhone 4s is a gradual step over the iPhone 4 improving the internals, but keeping the look and feel. At the same time, though, it brings a reworked iOS 5 and introduces Siri, a personal voice assistant allowing you to vocally communicate with the iPhone. It comes with a 3.5" screen with a resolution of 640 x 960 pixels, but on the inside there's a twice more powerful dual-core A5 processor. It also improves connectivity a notch, bringing 14.4Mbps HSPA download speeds. The back is where an 8-megapixel camera resides and it's capable of recording 1080p videos.

  • Capacity 5.3 gb (4.6 available)
  • Model number MF259LL/A
  • Serial number -C8PM721UFML4
  • IMEI 99 000404 040903
  • MEID 99000404040903
  • Model A 1387
  • Comes complete with charging cord
A refurbished model of this phone sells on the internet for $79 plus shipping.  A new I-phone 4s is selling on Ebay for $299.99. The Boquete Handicap Foundation will unconditionally guarantee this phone for 60 days. Priced to sell for $65. Email Penny at pjbarrett@aol.com or WhatsAp 6510-8934.
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19 minutes ago, Bill Hurley said:

Penny, I was looking for 1 word in the description and didn't see it.  Is the phone "unlocked?"  I understand it has to be unlocked to accept a local chip and work down here.



Did you read the title?

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