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  1. I met this beautiful family when I was in Panama City. I'm so happy for them to finally be recognized as a Panamanian family! I, too, am a client of Ms. Jaramillo. She is a very accomplished and capable attorney. She coached and counseled me to accumulate all the paperwork necessary for my Pensionado Visa. When I achieved that goal, I met her in Panama City and three days later I came home with a Temporary Visa, a Panamanian Driver's License and a Multi Entrance & Exit visa. If you are planning ahead for a Visa, you owe it to yourself to consult with Ms. Julisa Jaramillo.
  2. Feeding the Coatis at Boquete Visitor Center - There are a number of coatis living behind the Boquete Visitor Center. The Center has been closed for three months and the animals are in need of food. they eat the following: dry dog food, bananas, cabbage,fruits and veggies If you would like to assist in donating food to feed the Coatis, please text me @ 6622-3778. I can pick up the food items. We plan to feed them on Tuesday, 6/23/20.
  3. Penny, I was looking for 1 word in the description and didn't see it. Is the phone "unlocked?" I understand it has to be unlocked to accept a local chip and work down here. Thanks, Bill
  4. PJ Barrett. I'm looking for a used tower - I do not want a laptop. If you come across one , let me know. wfhurley@gmail.com 6622-3778
  5. Interested in buying tickets for the 1/25/2020 performance of Good Times. I understand there is a discount for BCP members. I went to Mailbox to buy tickets and they said they were not allowed to extend the discounts. What's up? Bill Hurley - wfhurley@gmail.com
  6. It's hard to find an Esthetician who prefers to offer men facials. I found such a person right here in Boquete - her name is Hericka Vanegas. You can reach her @ (507) 6287-4633. She gave me a great facial at a very reasonable price and she also offers a wide assortment of massages. Her salon is in Alto Boquete. Give her a call and make an appointment - you won't regret it!
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