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Don Williams (Chririqui Chatter/US Warden) Passed away

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Don Williams our beloved friend passed away May 4, 202 at the age of 77 .

  He died peacefully at home in the company of his wife and family after a brief illness.  He was a saint in his work as Warden for US citizens here and always provided us with some news of interest via Chiriqui Chatter.  Our hearts ache for his wife, children and the entire flock of grankids who miss him dearly. 


Alison and Bill Brundage

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Don was a very empathetic soul.  He took on the job of Warden ( representative volunteer  for US citizens interfacing with the US government) .  It's very difficult sometimes to be "the one" who is meeting an urgent need of a fellow citizen here in a foreign land.  Many sick and many without money and many non-Spanish speakers asked him for assistance.  His "job" as volunteer was to advise and assist ; to connect.  He always went the extra mile.  He sat at the bedside.  He arranged care for handicapped in homes.  He gave his time, his soul and often...his money.  Chiriqui Chatter was his way of conversing with us all informally.  (..like CL and the work Bud does here.)  Don shared his life experiences on his "Chiriqui Chatter".  Lots of times it was griping about internet connections and speed, or sharing a eureka on how to upgrade his cyber-gadgets.   We got to meet his family in the USA through "Chiriqui Chatter" and as well his stories about his wife and he living here.  We got to know Don very well.....he was "our connection"

When Don left here to return to the USA we disconnected a bit...at least many of us here felt that way...Don was gone.  One of his last posts was : "How to pack-cheap in order to leave Panama" .   He shared how he packed all his special things into suitcases...lots of them....and shipped them out.  Cheap !   Even leaving, he helped us

Now Don's gone.          He left.   ......and many of us cry.    I am. 

RIP Don.  


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