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Dog hair question.....

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Bill and I adopted a new rescue dog as we have been lonely since Flossy died.  Being as how our "shopping time" narrowed down to zip with the COVID thing, we told J and M at the camp to "hand us one". We got a little girl dog we call Weasel because she looks like one.  Short shiny black hair...like a shiny blue-black  horse.   We washed , brushed, groomed an got that hair slick.   

QUESTION: Since being isolated with this extremely energetic little dog I have swept and dust mopped enough dog hair to stuff a mattress and it keeps given.  What's the answer?...great dog food, vitamins, intellectual doggie stimulation ? ...more brushing.   or learning how to spin yarn out of dog hair and learn how to knit ?!                        Alison


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At first lots of hair from our rescue Siberian Husky from Magaly & Javier. Good diet and vet care is solving the problem. I agree with John 13....our vet said females shed more hair with change of season. Just keep brushing your Weasel.  ❤️❤️❤️ To you for your new dog.

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