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Go Fund Me campaign for Boquete Food bags


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Last week I started a Go Fund Me campaign called

Buy a Virtual Bag of Boquete Coffee
so the Extranjero community could easily and safely contribute to Mayor Joswar’s food bag distributing efforts.

The response has been wonderful! Over $5,000 has been raised, and yesterday, April 27th, the first $1,500 donation was handed over  to him.
We will be able to give him an additional $1,500 donation for at least 2 more weeks, and I hope we can continue until the lockdown lifts and people return to work. 
If you would like to contribute, or know someone else who can, use the link below. 


100% of your donation goes to buying basic food bags for our neediest neighbors, which the Mayor, municipal workers, and volunteers are bringing to the homes of folks under the total quarantine. 

Boquete is fortunate to have a terrific Mayor, hardworking, honest, and open. 
If you can help him with a donation, he will see that our most vulnerable neighbors are taken care of. 
Thank you! 🥰🙏
BT Corwin
El Gato Picante
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A five year old child died in the Comarca of the Ngobe Bugle this week.  Preliminary medical exam suggests malnutrition.  


Please remember our neighbors here that do not have enough food to stay alive.  One small donation might be part and parcel of saving innocent lives. 

Alison, nurse

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