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Cloth Face Mask Washable by DogCamp


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Cloth Face Mask Washable by DogCamp


Dear friends, the last week we had a delay about some orders of masks. So sorry for that, we will have the complete order this coming wednesday in the afternoon, so they will be available thursday morning. During this week we will start to make our own mask here in BOQUETE, same materials, same models, same quality but more colors!!!
Every order you will make, will be ready in 5 days! We will have the masks here at DogCamp, in case you want the masks to deliver at La Granja only let us know.
We are contacting to the people who is waiting for their orders.
If you want to make more orders please send to us an email with the number of masks and the number of model. Dogcampboquete@gmail.com (it will be easy to find your order by email)
The masks has:
Two layers of microfiber with a cloth (pellon) in the center that works as a filter (different prints and colors)
Price: $10
You can wash it and use it many times!!!
Thank you to everybody who is helping to raise funds for our animals.


Thank you so much to support DogCamp.

In this link you can find all the colors we have: 


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DON't CLICK the FLICKER photo link.  I got phished doing that.   I opened the photo page and a donation link appeared. I clicked that and automatically $59.00 was charged.  I went back and never saw that again.  PayPal would not make good on it.  I filed a phish report with the link to Flicker.  I cancelled my credit card and as well filed a dispute with VISA.  Lily said she did not receive any donation.  The receipt said I purchased SOFTWARE.  Not a donation to Animales for the mask project.  

Contact Lily directly by her email as she instructed.   


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Just for clarification -- Lily has no relationship to Dog Camp or the face masks being offered for sale by Dog Camp. Newslady sent out an entirely separate email from Lily on news.boquete advertising face masks she is making and selling from her home.  Let's not blame Lily for what happened because Brundageba clicked on a link in the Dog Camp ad.

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2 hours ago, NewsLady said:

  Let's not blame Lily

Sadly this entire situation has been distorted.  Bill and I  have NEVER blamed anybody for anything,  We want to make that very clear.  That is just NOT our style period!.  To be accused of that saddens my husband and I.  We were attempting to make a donation to a charity, and in so doing, my PayPal account was phished and we lost some money.  ( hack)   That had NOTHING to do with Lily or the wonderful folks my husband and I both appreciate  ( Magalay and Javier) at the Dog Camp

My husband and I are  owed this opportunity to make that abundantly clear. !


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