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Dear Fellow Chiriqui Livers, Lifers, and Lovers:

Perhaps some of you may have heard rumors of upcoming political elections way up here in the Land of the Beer and the Home of the Rave. 

As there appears to be no small interest in the potential results of the plethora of contests for unbridled power, and the likelihood of their impacts on all creatures and expats, great and small, I believe that it is high time that Chiriqui Life addresses these history-making events with the institution of a Political Commentary topic, complete with the requisite hyperbole, baseless accusations, ad hominem attacks, sputtering invective, and screeching rhetoric. I believe that the human condition, something which we all share in common, can only be advanced and enhanced by any opportunity whatsoever to spew vitriol in the general direction of any and all who may happen to disagree with our more comprehensive and correct opinions and viewpoints. Perhaps editorial boundaries could be lifted in these endeavors to permit the untrammeled employment of filthy language in order to permit participants to fully express their true feelings.


As an empathetic and humanitarian soul, I would start the discourse with outlandish and outrageous, I mean serious and piercing commentary, i.e.:


Politics suck, politicians suck, people with political beliefs suck, people who like politics suck, people who don't like politics suck, and people who don't like people who don't like politics or politicians suck. Pretty much everybody sucks.


I will eagerly anticipate meaningful dialog and the intellectually-enriching sharing of opinions pertaining to these crucial issues.


Your friend,




Next up: religion

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