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Help These Two Cats!!! They Need A Home! Her Owner Is Leaving Next Week!


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Dear friends, this time DOG CAMP is asking for help for these two sweet cats, her owner tried to take them with her but she can`t and she is leaving the country.
Dyllan (white color) is full of mischief and is a great mouser. Loves to play outside, unless it's raining, then he likes to come home and catnap. Loves a cuddle in the evening. No fear of dogs, actually they have a tendency to fear him.
Wendy (black color) is a petite little girl, soft as down. She has a gental personality and during the day is miss independent. When I'm feeding them she is sitting at my left hand waiting impatiently, she wants her dish first...she also likes to sit and watch you do laundry. She has a unique voice and likes an occasional conversation. 
Late in the night she likes to crawl in bed and spoon with you. She is such a sweet girl and Dyllan is such a boy, but full of love. 
They are both house broken, both will use a litter box at night. They have never had an accident. Neither one of these cats are street wise. They are not use to cars or traffic,  in other words the are not city cats.
PLEASE CONTACT US dogcampboquete@gmail.com / 65638686 / 69659423
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