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We are so lucky in Boquete to enjoy the benefits of the vision and generosity of one family, Price and Susan Peterson. Our Library would not exist but for them, and all the amazing and beautiful events that happen there would not be ours.

The current art show is just one of those events. I attended the Show Opening the other evening. The art exhibited in the large top floor room is impressive, both in variety and quality. It is easy to forget that a community as small as ours rarely has facilities to present art, and also rarely has a Library administration so dedicated to bringing culture for the entire community to enjoy and learn from.

Thank you to the Petersons for making this a reality. Thank you to the Library administration and staff for the vision, energy and imagination required to provide all you do for Boquete.


Biblioteca de Boquete, Panama. Boquete Library, Panama.
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We take for granted this fine public library I think because for us...it's common to have a nice lib ray in a community.  Well not so here.   We are totally blessed to not only have the facility but as well to have citizen who arrange cultural events, educational opportunities oft youth and resources in such a fine facility.  thank you

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