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This is an emergency appeal for assistance made jointly by Fundacion Pro-Integracion (The Handicap Foundation) and the Junta Communal of Los Naranjas. A family of 17 has lost everything in a fire and needs the community's assistance.

fire.jpg.0af6ab3f73aa00ee8fe4c1e9746593e3.jpgThis is what remains of the home that housed six adults and eleven children. Benita Abrego and her daughter Ana Elizabeth Abrego also lived in the house. Ana Elizabeth suffers from Cerebral Palsy and is a member of the Handicap Foundation. It is reported she suffered some burns on her hands.

35840348_AnaElizabeth.jpg.847f9c661984cf163c8f37145ee9ff2f.jpgThe family needs everything: food, clothing, blankets, towels, mattresses, cooking utensils, etc. Any cash donations will be used to purchase needed items.  Donations can be dropped off at the Handicap Foundation facility across the street from Chopsticks Restaurant in Alto Boquete or brought to the book table at the BCP Tuesday Market.  There is a report that a second handicapped child, Angel, also lived in the home. Here are photos of Angel and part of Ana Elizabeth's family.




Thank you for whatever you can do to help.








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