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Thank You So Much For All Your Support For The Dog Camp Venta De Patio


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Wow!!! What a great day with a great TEAM!!!
Thank you so much to all our friends who helped to do this possible! It was the biggest Venta de Patio in BOQUETE!!!
The food was delicioussssss, Food Team: Debe Emerson, Kathleen Piowaty Fredrick, Margie Brooks, Denese Roger's, Kim Ward, John Beatty, Joyce Newton, Sunny Shute, Katy Noyes & Leslie Hughes. Isabella's bakery and Judy Tovar's Sister @Judy Tovar baked, ValeriaDipardo and her greats desserts, TitaSicilia and her chessecakes🍰Zoey Quimby and her delicious chocolate cake and cookies🍪, Iris Herrera and Fred and Pat Mains were in charge of the Bake Goods and they sold almost all the desserts!!

 The bar was fabulous!! Lot of bloody Mary 🍹, beers, wine, sodas and water. Thank you to our good friends who donate everything for the bar!! MikeTraynor, Molly Neel Drew TraynorNancy Halbert and Harry Halbert.

Thank you so much to the security team who helped during all the event! Al Stefanelli, Tim Connelly Mike Webber Mike Smith and Shorty 🐕, Leonardo Gonzalez Pitti, Timoteo, Phil Hall and more friends😉😎.
Thank you to Fran Hogan who helped taking pictures of everything and everybody!
Thank you to the people who helped with the electronics area! Was great all the stuff they sold. Joe Culleton, Penny Barrett, Andy Mitchel 🔌🖥️🖨️📠💽📺🎥💿 Stan Kemp who helped testing everything👀, Thank you so much to Larry White who was there helping since the first day!! And helped a lot to sell the big stuff at Larry's Place😘
Larry White did so much behind the scenes.  On his own he brought and erected the self standing clothing racks, has outright purchased and taken in on behalf of DogCamp, better end items for his consignment store and was there at the end, dismantling the racks, etc.  
Lyn Hall was there with her beautiful flowers and Phil Hall helped us to bring stuff from the container to the gym. Thank you so much, thank you to John Wiseman and the herb plants he started.💐 a
Thank you Lyn  van der Kar who always provides young plants and Bill Fitz for his generous contribution of Bromeliads.  
Our new friend Mike Hill sold a lot of sport stuff, was great to have him!
Dottie Thompson helped a lot in Housewares.  She identified a need (and failure on part of that area’s leaders) and took control collecting cleaning and sorting a massive amount of stuff.  Thank you Dottie!

Thank you to all our friends who helped with Housewares Dottie Thompson, Leslie Sherling, LesliePeever, Bonnie Jach Sharna Kahn

Thank you to Edie Baxter, she did help by taking away and storing a lot of merchandise that otherwise would clogged/overfilled the container.
Sharna sorted and ran the Crafts and Stationary, doing her best with low priced merchandise.  

Mary Clausage,  collected and sorted jewelry for months and created the display boxes.  Martine Heyer set up, evaluated and sold the jewelry. It was great!!!

Carolyn Mallen elped a lot in collecting, cleaning and selling the toys of the children’s booth (went very well)

Day Stefanelli Thank you so much! She collected shoes and bags which she cleaned and ended up sorting, pricing and selling all the luggage and rugs  :)

We had a lot Christmas stuff, thank you Maxi Bellringer to sell everything.

Shoes were sorted by many friends like Day and Beth’s team but it was Dr. Cheley that made that area the success it was on that day.  She is a pro.  

Clothes, and bags,thank you so much to our good friend Beth Abrahams who keep everything clean, we love you Beth😘Helena Deakin was great with the sales with our good friend and great attorney Marjorie Moreno who helped during all these days. A special thank you to Jennifer Porteou who helped all the time!

The great Art and Jewelry area, thanks to Jane Hampton who did a great work since the first day we told her we wanted to do our first Venta de Patio.

Books were picked up and sorted by Jacqui Davis but Cheryl Schmidt completed the display and worked it all Sunday, thank you so much

The pet area was great with full toys, beds, bowls, everything for your babies! Joyce Newton thank you!
Thanks to Herta Bernbach and Jane Vasarhelyi who helped with the linens, keeping everything clean.
Thank you so much to Mike Smith who let us use his garage to keep a lot of the stuff that we received, thank you to borrow us the big truck and his worker Jesus who helped a lot!

Thank you so much to Cary Trantham who helped and continue helping with all about collecting money!

We want to let you know that we raised 12,074 dollars at the Venta de Patio, plus 545 dollars at the pre sale and 1250 dollars from Larry's Place!!! Thank you so much to everybody who did this possible!!

We will save this money to continue raising money for the project.
Wow we have many friends helping us since the beginning 😍😍😍😍
Thank you so much to all the people who donate their stuff to help to this project.
Thank you so much!!! We love you!!!!

And for all the people who wants to continue donate stuff, we will continue receiving stuff for our second yard sale in December ( smaller than this) hehe.

Every tuesday at the DOG CAMP tent we will receive stuff!!!
We love this Community!!!

Thank you so much!!!

If you want to make a donation, you can contact us: dogcampboquete@gmail.com / 69659423 / 64151531

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