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review of the fundraiser event for Nutre Hogar that was held on August 3rd at Boulder 54 Restaurant


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There are two purposes for dispatching this email. First is to provide a bit of background information about Nutre Hogar, and second is to provide a link to a review of a recent fundraising event for Nutre Hogar Chiriquí.
Background Information About Malnutrition and Nutre Hogar
The main objective of Nutre Hogar is to save pre-school children (newborns up to six years of age) from severe malnutrition and the irreversible physical and intellectual damages that it causes in children. Malnutrition is a severe problem that affects the poorest sectors of our province. In Chiriquí, 40% of the population lives in extreme poverty, with the districts of San Lorenzo, San Félix, Remedios, and Tolé being the ones with the highest incidence of malnutrition. These facts place Chiriquí as the province with the highest poverty and malnutrition levels in Panama.
Nutre Hogar is a non-governmental organization operating nationwide throughout Panama. Each chapter is responsible for funding the operational costs of its Recovery Center. Nutre Hogar Chiriquí, located in David, is a non-profit organization that treats severely malnourished children who are transferred from the malnutrition ward at Hospital Materno Infantil José Domingo de Obaldía. The Nutre Hogar Chiriquí Recovery Center boards and feeds over 40 children daily, supplying every child's needs for medicines, dietary supplements and education…and MUCH  LOVE. A child's stay at Nutre Hogar depends on the degree of malnutrition, but it usually ranges from three to eight months.
The treatment of children suffering from malnutrition requires a specialized diet, adapted to the specific needs of each child. At Nutre Hogar a medical team periodically supervises the children`s development, providing vitamins, medicines and other treatments until recovery is completed.
Once the child is healthy and returns home, Nutre Hogar provides an educational program with the family. This program helps in the prevention of other malnutrition cases and serves as a community awakening to other parents.

For more information about Nutre Hogar please visit https://www.nutrehogar.org/.
The August 3rd Fundraiser for Nutre Hogar Chiriquí
On Saturday, August 3rd, there was a fundraiser event for Nutre Hogar David that was held at the Boulder 54 Restaurant in Bajo Boquete. Following is a link to the review with pictures from that fundraiser event, Simply scroll down to the reply with the review and pictures, etc.

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And finally, look for more information in the near future about a sponsored tour for Boquete area residents to visit and experience Nutre Hogar David in person.

Bud and Marcelyn
Owners/Administrators of Chiriqui.Life
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