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Expat murdered, three others robbed


HIGHWAY spot checks set to return as robberies mount

Posted 30/07/2019

An expatriate of Dutch nationality was murdered in the new exclusive  Isla Verde Rivera community, in Colón on Tuesday, July 30 Public Ministry officials and National Police agents are heading investigations.

 In the same area, a robbery of a French citizen was reported in another residence, where he was stripped of his belongings reports TVN.

Two American citizens were attacked and robbed on the Cinta Costera in Panama City on the weekend. One was stabbed and treated in a private hospital.

In the face of rising crime, The National Police plan to re-introduce highway spot checks, which The Minister of Public Security had planned to abolish.



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Expat murdered in Colon, car found in Panama City


Posted 03/08/2019

The vehicle belonging to an expat who was murdered in an exclusive retirement are in Colon on Wednesday, July 31  was found abandoned on La Amistad Avenue in Panama City, on Saturday morning.

Dutch citizen René Antoon Pul Van Sprang, 69, was shot and killed at his home in Isla Verde, Vigía, in the Lake Alajuela district, in the corregimiento of Nuevo San Juan The killers took the Mercury brand truck,

The body was found by a staff member when he arrived for work the next  day

In the same area, a French resident was bound and robbed by armed men earlier in the year.



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