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Review with videos and pictures of the June 15th "500 Years of Singing and Guitar" concert at Biblioteca de Boquete


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Another in a series of concerts hosted by Fundacion Biblioteca de Boquete was performed on Saturday, June 15th. The 500 Years of Singing and Guitar performance was well attended and based on the energetic applause and standing ovations it was enjoyed by the audience. The postproduction work on the video files has now been completed, and posted in a topic on the Chiriqui.Life website for public access. That topic includes the performance announcement as well as photographs taken during the show, and the program brochure.
Here is a link to the review and the video recordings: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/12661-recital-500-years-of-singing-and-guitar/. Simply scroll down to the reply with the video recordings and the pictures.

Membership on CL is ***not*** required in order to access this content. However, CL membership is free and opens up access to all of the content on CL. If you wish to register, click on the "Sign Up" icon in the upper right corner on the home page. Helpful hint: to get to the CL home page from anywhere on CL, just click on the masthead photo that displays at the top of every page.

Bud and Marcelyn
Owners/Administrators of Chiriqui.Life
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