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Recital: 500 Years of Singing and Guitar


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The teacher Emiliano Pardo Tristán and Diana Durán will be in charge of our next musical event. With the talent on guitar combined with a wonderful soprano voice, they will give us a tour through half a millennium of music, through songs and dances from different eras.
500 Years of singing and guitar, is the theme of the recital scheduled for all of you this Saturday, 

June 15th, 2019, at 5:00 p.m., at Boquete Library.
The entrance is B / .15.00 per person.
We look forward to seeing you!
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Marcelyn and I attended this June 15th concert at the library. This was an exceptionally good performance (not wanting to detract from others, but this just really was our kind of music).

Here are the pictures and videos that were taken during the performance. Note that only a few of the songs were recorded, partly because I had only one camera and can do only one kind of multimedia recording at a time, and partly because the lighting was such that I felt the visual part of video recordings would not be attractive (that turned out to be the case).

The performers were well received by the audience as witnessed by the many energetic standing ovations.

Our community owes a huge "thank you" to Elsa Castillo for bringing such talented musicians to our special community in the Chiriqui highlands.

Here are the pictures.







And here are the videos.

And finally, here is the program brochure.





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