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We had the first good rain of the season on Tuesday, 09 APR, 2019 and the power went off for about 7 hours or so in Volcancito Village.  It came back on eventually, but went back off around 24:30 (after midnight) or so.  Went to bed and it was still off when we got up at 06:30 .......   it just came on at 09:45 on 10 APR, 2019.  

Now, I am not a cry baby and we can easily adapt - we have a generator, but most folks around here don't.  Has anyone heard anything as to WHY there was such a long outage?

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You know what pissed me off??? I am lucky enough to own one of those Sleep Number beds that adjusts. It raises like a hospital bed so I can sort of sit up in it late in the evening with my tablet to check Chiriqui Life and other news sources before turning out the lights. 

So guess what happens when the power goes out. I'm not very good at all sleeping while sitting. 

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