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Panic in Albrook Mall - Fireworks and Robbery

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Chaos ensued this afternoon in Albrook Mall after someone lit up a box of fireworks near the Food Court.

Stores locked down, people running for exits, Police and  Bomberos called.

This was apparently a diversionary tactic in a bungled jewelry store robbery.


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Mall fireworks panic, hides robbery

Posted 17/03/2019
Panicked shoppers in Albrook Mall ran for exits or sought refuge in shop storage areas as loud bangs rang out in the Food Court area near the children’s carousel in mid-afternoon, Saturday, March 16.

When security personnel reached the scene they discovered the explosions came from fireworks placed near an escalator to create a distraction as four thieves, -men and women-   moved through the scattering crowds to rob the Salazar jewelry store. They were armed with pepper spray to subdue the staff, but the plan misfired when they were affected by their own weapon and abandoned the raid.

Security cameras show a couple placing a box containing the fireworks near the stairs, and walking quickly away. Over 30 explosions followed causing smoke and panic.

Albrook Mall management regretted the  incident and assured that the security protocols were activated and  there were no injuries in the area

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