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Solar Power buy back?

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Hi Ian,

I have done several grid-tie installations here in Chiriqui. The process you speak of is net-metering. This allows you to get a credit for the extra energy you produce using your solar panels. It's actually a pretty generous program, and makes grid-tie solar a no-brainer for anyone spending more than $150/month or so on power.

You are credited 1kwh for 1 kwh, and if your production exceeds consumption, they will pay you the wholesale electrical rate (subject to a 25% limit based on your baseline consumption) ie: you can't use this to go into the business of electrical generation.

This is great as in many residential situations, you generate power during the day, and use it up a night, once you come home.


The process is somewhat tedious, but here it is in a nutshell:

Your solar installer will work with an electrical engineer to handle this for you. There are 3 authorities to deal with: Naturgy (the power utility), Bomberos, and Municipio.

-sign a limited power of attorney allowing the electrical engineer to represent you throughout this process

-he will present the photo-voltaic electrical plan to Naturgy, along with property documents, etc... they will give you a provisional go-ahead

-present electrical plan to Bomberos

-once approved by Bomberos, apply for your permit from Municipio

once that's approved, go back to Naturgy and apply for your bi-directional meter, and sign your net-metering contract with them.

Naturgy will send over a crew to install the bi-directional meter, and conduct an inspection of the installation.

The whole process from start to finish takes about 2-3 months. The installer generally takes care of this for their client, as it requires a lot of follow-up at every step.

If you have any more questions, I'm glad to help. 





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