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Metrocable in San Miguelito Interconnects With Metro Line 1 and Metro Line 2

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San Miguelito metrocable will be a concession

Start point for cable system
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A metro cableway to carry 3,000 people an hour to connections with Metro lines 1 and 2 proposed for the San Miguelito district will operate as an administrative  concession say specifications for the prequalification stage of interested companies published in Panama Compra,

According to estimates from the Comptroller General over 400,000 people live in San Miguelito.

The work is expected to be composed of five stations, a parking lot and the control area of the cable car.

The work will be done with private financing that the concessionaire will contribute, The cost of the project will be defined by studies that will take place once the bidding process is concluded.

San Miguelito, mayor  Gerald Cumberbatch says the project will be awarded by Apri.l

To date, there are two possible routes for the metre cable. Both would depart from the Belisario Frías corregimiento, specifically from Cerro Batea. The first route would end at the Los Andes station on line 1 of the Metro, and the second at El Crisol station on line 2.



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Cable Car Concession Prequalified

Companies interested in competing for the concession of the cable car public transportation system in Panama must present their documentation on February 13 in the municipality of San Miguelito.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

According to the schedule of activities detailed in the specifications, a visit to the project site will take place on January 15th and a validation meeting will take place on January 21st.

The project consists of the installation of a cable car that will connect residential and commercial areas with the Panama Metro by means of a line that will begin near the interconnection station of Metro lines 1 and 2, near the Grand Station. It is projected that the new mass transit system will mobilize 3,000 passengers per hour.

On the other hand, the mayor of San Miguelito, Gerald Cumberbatch, said to Prensa.com that "... it is expected that by next April this project will have been awarded. We estimate that once awarded, the company will be able to begin the first works of this important work, which seeks to improve the life quality of a large part of the population of San Miguelito."

"Ricardo Sánchez, municipal engineer of the Municipality of San Miguelito, said that the pre-feasibility study for the project was prepared by the Panama Metro, which demonstrates the relationship between the two transport systems."

See prequalifying sheets.



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