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Report on Shooting in Volcancito on Wednesday


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Jan. 8, 2016

To: Released with permission to News Boquete

We have an early, unconfirmed but authoritative report on the shooting of Richard Moore in his home in upper Volcancito on Wednesday morning: 

At approximately 10:30 in the morning on Wednesday, January 6, Richard Moore was preparing to take a shower when he heard noises on his terrace.  His wife was away at a class, and he was alone in the house.   He went into the living room (naked) and saw 3 black men on his terrace…with a gun.   He turned to run away and they shot 9 times, hitting him once in the back shoulder and once in his ankle.   They entered the house and demanded he open his safe, which he did.  They took the contents of the safe and other items such as Kindles and laptops.   They then tied him up and left the house.   His wife returned to find him tied up on the floor and bleeding.  He underwent surgery on Thursday for 6 1/2 hours to repair his ankle.   A $5,000 deposit was demanded by Chiriqui Hospital before they would admit him.  The police responded and report there is lots of evidence, including fingerprints.

We wish Richard a speedy recovery and we will keep you up to date as new information becomes available. 



                      Any questions? info@rodnydirect.com

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I know nothing of the details about this incident other than what I read here, plus that our housekeeper told us about it. (I still don't understand how bochinche can be faster than the speed of light, but that is the way things work here).

My first thought was I hope the victim gets better. And then learning that the victim was an inspector for Alto Al Crimen caused me to do a double take. One would think that someone involved with AAC would be a bit more attentive. And then to hear of this not from AAC but from Rodney Direct was indeed interesting. Rodney sure is doing a good service, even for the AAC guys. Nothing yet from the AAC about one of their own guys.

I know where I am putting my security interests in the future and it won't be AAC. This seals the deal for me in favor for Rodney. Okay, bring on the flames.

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