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Tweeting iconoclast fined $5 for insulting President Varela


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Tweeting  iconoclast fined $5 for insulting President Varela

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A  Panama Twitter  addict  with 36,000 followers who dedicates his Tweets to denouncing politicians  and   was taken handcuffed before a Justice of the Peace (JP) charged with insulting President Juan Carlos Varela, was fined $5,

“I am not the owner of the truth, but neither do I make up words to say what I think,”  said  Pacora resident Eduardo Enrique Narváez Pinillois identified in his @edunar account.

The Tweeter cites the number of followers even though “I not a journalist, nor a presenter, nor a commentator nor a well-known public figure”’ he told La Estrella after being fined.

He says he uses his account it to whip politicians..“There are three things that do not remain hidden for long, the sun, the moon the lies,” he wrote when referring to a presidential candidate.

The Attorney General, Kenia Porcell has also been the target of his criticism. “already said. This lady is going to be the same as María Del Pilar Hurtado! I feel very sorry for her! “he  Tweeted.

The comment was accompanied by photos of the prosecutor and the former head of Colombia’s Department of Security (DAS) convicted for interception of communications and other crimes and jailed for  14 years.

His   comment on  the Panamanian president said: ”In a very few months, I think we will see another ex-president and his cronies in El Renacer,  in Punta Coco [prisons] or fleeing!”

On September 27, , the Sixteenth Police Zone of Pacora sent an unusual file to the  Justice in  c24 de Diciembre: a citizen who was dedicated to insulting the president through social networks.

A report of an anonymous call to the National Police reached commissioner Bolívar Medina, Director of Police Intelligence, by way of Deputy Commissioner Carlos Valencia.

The police file established that a citizen between 60 and 65 years of age, of thin build, light complexion, height  1.76, resident in the La Siesta neighborhood, in Tocumen, was dedicated to insulting the president in social networks  “Expressing himself in a contemptuous manner.”

The police read Narváez his constitutional rights and took him to the JP. He did not deny the comments and confirmed the events detailed in the report.

The JP  requested in a “respectful way” that the respective comments be deleted and suggested to the Twitter user that when making comments they were made within the framework of respect for human rights. He was fined $5 for committing acts that violate the integrity and security of citizens and ordered immediately released.



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