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  1. Update, Sun 3pm: Bob Bevan had surgery last night, he is in ICU expecting full recovery soon. Unless there is a different prognosis, this is my last update. Thanks to all who helped!
  2. Update, Sat 2pm: Bob Bevan’s med condition is not good but stable. He’s well enough to hold on for surgery likely soon, since now — we have collected the needed blood, thanks to the kindness of the Chiriqui community and support from Bocas folks. Wife Ursula especially appreciates you all!
  3. Update, Fri noon: Bob Bevan’s medical condition is worsening today. He’s not critical, but needs surgery urgently. We have collected 3 of the 6 units of blood needed for surgery at Hospital Mae Lewis in David . We need your aid to be/find blood type O/O+ donors. Read “Donor Criteria” at https://boquetehealth.org/ . To help, contact wife Ursula at 6454 2735. Thanks for caring.
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