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  1. until
    Childrens Christmas Party by AACP, held at the BCP ( Boquete Community Playhouse). Mr & Mrs Santa, cartoons movies, cookies, piñatas, brownies, punch, clown face painters, make an angel to take home, and MUCH more! ...for ages 4-13
  2. until
    “Save The Date” October 14, 2018, 1-4pm Free Health Fair Sponsored by Boquete Health & Hospice Foundation Get to know health providers in the area! More infirmation to come!
  3. There are TWO people in hospital who need blood. The first one, whose sister is very active in the Handicapped Foundation, needs TWO units of either A or O Positive blood. The second person, Robert Rees, in Mae Lewis Hospital needs TWO units of A Positive blood. If you would like to donate, are under age 65, and have been in the country for 6 months, please call Tamara Balkenhol @ 6254-5618, blood donor coordinator for Boquete Health & Hospice. I you want to help, please call 6254-5618 for further information & screening. Do not reply to this post.
  4. There is a young man in Regional Hospital who needs A or O positive blood. His sister is very active at the Handicapped Foundation. There is also a person who will help you through the donation process at the hospital. If you can donate Sunday or Monday morning, have been in Panama 6 months, are under age 65, p,ease CALL Charlotte Lintz @ 6693-5005, Boquete Health & Hospice Foundation blood coordinator. If you can donate please CALL 6693-5095 for further screening & information needed before you go. Please do not respond here if you have questions or can donate. THANK YOU
  5. Dan & Nixia Boville’s 12 year old daughter needs 3 more units of platelets. The hospital has requested O positive donors. Hospital Obaldia has newer equipment, so it does not take all day. If you can donate Thursday or Friday morning, please call Charlotte Lintz, 6693-5005, blood donor coordinator for Boquete Hospice. Please do not call Dan or Nixia as they are occupied. Thank You!
  6. I would absolutely love it if Panama used the guidelines of other international organizations like WHO or International Red Cross. The only blood banks are in government hospitals like Oblata & Regional. The blood drive articles appear (with my Spanish) to be for the Maternal Infant Hospital. They have limited supplies, but do not loan or give to other hospitals. Regional, to keep a supply, has everyone having any surgery donate a unit of blood, and blood must be replaced if you use any. They do not loan or give to other hospitals. (But recently, a patient got one from them!). But a
  7. Robert Bevan from Bocas needs several units of O negative or O positive blood at Mae Lewis Hospital. If you can donate, please contact his wife, Ursula Bevan, @ 6454-2735 or Toby Braxton 6617-8629
  8. Now, we are looking for DONORS! Please go ask your friends if they can donate. We have two people who need blood tomorrow morning!
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