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  1. Moderator_02's post in How do I search for something on CL? was marked as the answer   
    Searching Content - What If I Am Looking for Something Specific?
    The search capability of CL is quite powerful. Look for the "magnifying glass" icon in the upper right of most pages here on CL. Type something rather unique about what you are interested in. For instance, if you are looking for everything that contains content about Banco Nacional, then perhaps either "banco" or "nacional" (you could include both words if you wish) might be a good search argument. Search arguments are not case sensitive.
    The only "rule" about searching is that there needs to be at least one search argument (word) of at least five (5) characters. Search arguments of four or less characters are ignored. Multiple search arguments in one search are permitted. Once the search argument(s) is/are entered, then click on the magnifying glass to execute the search. If you use more than one search argument, then consider opening the "advanced search" panel to specify whether you want all or any of the search arguments; all is the default, but you may prefer to search based on any.
    Note that searches are for words, meaning a character string (of at least five characters) that is bounded by white space or punctuation, etc. If you search for "elephant" and all occurrences of that word are "elephants" (note the plural), then the search will be unsuccessful. So search for all reasonable variations of the words. However, the search argument may include a "wild card" character at the end so as to match anything. For instance, the search argument "elephant*" (note the terminal asterisk wild card character) will find all words that start with "elephant" plus any additional characters on the end of that word. That search argument would find "elephant", "elephants", "elephantiasis", "elephantine", "elephantabcxyz", etc.
    If you wish to search in other than the entire website, then just to the left of the search argument is a drop down menu of other more limited targets to be searched (e.g., blogs only).
    If you are looking for a specific phrase, such as the title of a movie, then consider putting the search argument inside of quote marks ("example here of a phrase consisting of several words"). Doing so effectively makes everything inside the quotes look like a single word for the search argument. For instance, assume someone wrote a review of Around the World in 80 Days. A search argument of "around the world in 80 days" (specifically including the quotation marks) would look literally for the exact phrase as entered inside of the quotation marks other than case insensitivity, and be successful. If you entered a search argument of "around world the in 80 days" (specifically including the quotation marks; also note that the words 'world' and 'the' are transposed), then the search will not be successful. Search arguments inside quotation marks are literally interpreted as one word/search argument, other than case insensitivity.
  2. Moderator_02's post in Classified or items for sale was marked as the answer   
    Go into your account settings and set up your notifications (you can get an email notification by "following" a topic, or a forum, or a person, or ...., etc.). You can get an email with several variations on how and when you get those emails.

    In the final dialogue just pick the options that suit your preferences.

  3. Moderator_02's post in How to and where to post tool sales ? was marked as the answer   
    There is a "category" of forums set aside for commercial postings. By "commercial" we mean the buying and selling of goods and services.

    To "expand" any desired category of forums, click on the angle bracket at the far right.
    Please visit http://www.chiriqui.life/forum/39-classified-ads-buying-and-selling-of-goods-and-services/ and select the appropriate forum for whatever it is that you are buying or selling.
    Regarding the issue of "how to post", please visit http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/8125-how-to-post-a-topic-and-how-to-reply-to-a-topic/.
  4. Moderator_02's post in How Does One Close a CL Account? was marked as the answer   
    Send a PM (Private Message) to @Admin_01 or an email to support@chiriqui.life and request closure of your account.
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