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And Now I Know - Gender Restrictions at PriceSmart Last Tuesday



Interesting experience at PriceSmart last Tuesday. After reading the latest Minsa report, Bud and I tried to enter the store. Management type employee (female) indicated men only allowed inside. We attempted to explain current Minsa requirements. Her reply was “You are wrong, goodbye”. I waited in the car (for 40+ minutes) while Bud did the shopping. I observed lots of dog food, laundry detergent, dry cereal, and bottles of water were purchased as I waited in our car near the store exit door.  

I noticed the female buyers had apparently called in their order and then came to PriceSmart to pick-up their items, which a store employee delivered to their vehicle. A security guard used car license information from his clipboard to identify the purchasers.

Many different types of face masks were used by the men entering PriceSmart. Some individuals also had face shield.


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