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And Now I Know - Garbage Pickup Anomaly



For several years early on Tuesday mornings our garbage has always been collected from the elevated wire bin with lid container in front of our electric utility meter. We pay for that contract service through the Municipio de Boquete.

Today going outside our gated yard to install the new 2021 garbage contract placard we noticed our garbage in black plastic bags had been removed from the bin, but stacked in a pile near the paved street. That has never happened before, and certainly made no sense to us. The local stray dogs could scatter the rain soaked contents and make a big mess.

We called Rodny Direct and requested his help to resolve this mystery. This was our first ever request of Rodny to assist with a routine city service matter. Within an hour Rodny called back saying he had talked with the garbage pick-up supervisor.  We checked the street scene and our big pile of garbage was gone!

No reason was given for this strange situation, but we are happy. Thanks for great service by Rodny Direct !!

For newcomers who are unfamiliar with Rodny Direct (Rodny Moreno), we recommend that you subscribe to his 24x7 Rodny Direct Chiriqui Helpline. Click here to read more about Rodny Direct.



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