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And Now I Know - Quarantine Compliance Auditing



After grocery shopping on Monday (April 13) I was stopped by Police on Ave Central (not far from Mail Boxes). The officer checked that I was wearing mask and gloves then looked into the back seat to make certain no one else was in my vehicle. I was wearing  a baggy tee shirt. My face was mostly hidden by the mask plus sun glasses, so the officer looked at my hair before waving me to continue.

A polite inspection to verify that I was legally out of my residence on “Ladies Day”.


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Tuesday, April 14th was a guys day for running errands. Marcelyn and I normally do not go into town on consecutive days, but there were rumors (bochinche) about possible stricter mobility constraints.  We wanted to be sure that we were well stocked with essential food and supplies.

I went to five different businesses. Other than waiting lines there was nothing unusual, with one exception. Upon parking at Mini Super El Dorado in Alto Boquete I saw the queue was about nine people - all guys, of course. I'm wearing a face mask and gloves, but manage to say hi to all in line as I moved to the end of the queue. About three minutes after getting in line I noticed two women walking into the parking lot from the street. I thought to myself, gee that is strange; are they employees of the store because today was a guy day. As they got closer to me, I noticed that both had clipboards, and each female had a lanyard around their neck with some kind of badge attached. They then looked at each of the guys in the line starting at the rear but said nothing until they approached the man two positions in front of me. There was a short discussion, none of which I could hear. The man pulled out his wallet and showed them something. The two women smiled and continued going forward. I then lost track of them.

Upon exiting the store I placed my goods in the back seat, got in the car, and started backing out. I then saw both of the women talking with a man. They had their clipboards up and were writing something. The guy was obviously not a senior citizen. I figured out that these two women are quarantine compliance monitors. They apparently caught a guy who was out and about, but outside of his allocated time slot. The look on his face said everything as I slowly maneuvered past them. If I had to put a caption on his expression it would be "I'm screwed now". I have no idea who he was, nor the eventual outcome.

The message here is: Follow the law. Don't try to game the system.

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A Nurse's Audit today :    

Apply  your mask over the entire nose and mouth.  Seal all sides well.  Having your nose exposed is worse than no mask at all.    Your nose would inhaling  (on occasion ) that matter that might have been deposited  to the anterior portion of the mask.  This is the reason that masks are ONLY effective if used correctly.  I observed exposed noses quite a bit today on ladies day out of our cage.    You would NEVER see that done in a hospital 

Alison , the nurse


Here's a good article with pics. 



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