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And Now I Know - Antique Clock Repair



One of my favorite items that I brought to Panama from US is a large 1920s vintage Asian wall clock. I purchased it from a surplus store many years ago. “This clock hung in the office of the Hong Kong harbormaster” was the story told by the sales clerk. 

This favorite item has hung on my kitchen wall here in Boquete for several years. Recently the clock stopped working. A friend told me about a repair shop in David, so yesterday off we went to David with my clock nestled in the back seat of our vehicle. 

Found the repair place near the main park. Couldn’t be certain we understood the very rapid Spanish of the man behind the counter. And here is the good part....another customer in the store (young Asian fella about 18-20 years old) introduced himself as Ricky and offered translation help. We were in the watch repair store. The manager’s father, Erik Marquez, repairs clocks. His location is on the corner across the street from Global Bank and Canal Bank and a few blocks further.

Our new found friend, Ricky, escorted us along the crowded sidewalks to Mr. Marquez’s store and stayed with us to help with translations.

Sometime in its past history the clock mechanism was changed from wind-up to battery operation. Moisture and corrosion was the problem with my clock now. An hour later we left the clock shop with a working clock and big smiles on our faces. Cost was $15.00

Another experience with very friendly and helpful Panamanians. They had no idea who we were, but both Ricky and Mr. Marquez were incredibly helpful and friendly.


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Thanks for making work for me. 😀

The clock is about 23 inches in diameter. I was not able to get the glare removed.


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