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Dan, as you have indicated earlier “the internet does not have an eraser” i.e. the information stays.

Thanks. Your info is an important reminder for us to consider what we post.

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We know from feedback from friends in this area that Facebook (along with Instagram, Twitter, etc.) is among the predominant social media used to keep connected with friends and family around the world. Facebook, as you may know from recent public disclosures, has come under fire based on several "transgressions" on their part. This matter of the 50 million breached accounts is not so much of a transgression on their part, but rather part of the digital world that we live in today. This breach is not exclusive to Facebook, and has caused concerns by many.

Here is a screencast by a Canadian geek named Steve Dotto. He is highly published in the Internet world, and has over 200,000 subscribers. This screencast includes his thoughts about this recent security breach, and some actions that users can take to help protect themselves.

You get to decide how much risk of exposure you wish to assume, and also what actions you take to reduce or mitigate when a breach occurs. There will most assuredly be more security breaches in the future.


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