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Something Is Afoot---Who's in Charge Here?



Anouk, our two year old rescue Husky, is a wonder. Last week two neighbor kittens (tiny, maybe 5 weeks age) came to our back door (small enough to crawl thru the fence) and spotted Anouk's bowl of food. The dog sat and watched these "visitors" eat her breakfast.

Later in the day a visiting big black cat we've named Sambo chased Anouk around our yard. Yup, the cat was chasing the dog. Maybe they were just playing, but the episode was fun to watch and worth a laugh.

Last night I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Anouk was sitting on the patio bench and two cats were sound asleep in her bed.

I plan to get up early tomorrow morning just to observe what is happening around here.

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