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A Guy Named Roberto




Do you know Roberto Rios? He's the owner of "The Dog Spot". His business card reads "Where Dogs Hang Out".  We took our two year old rescue Husky (Anouk) to Roberto's place for a bath and nail trim, ear cleaning, etc. What a great job he did! Said Anouk was a perfect lady and she enjoyed the extra hair brushing.

The dog did look especially beautiful, but what impressed me the most was the hug Roberto gave Anouk as we were getting ready to leave his place, and then Roberto said to Bud "thanks for rescuing her". 

I wish everyone could know a person like Roberto.



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Roberto is also a very big-hearted business owner. He does a first time FREE bathing/grooming of all dogs rescued through local animal welfare organizations. And his is more than a business; he truly loves animals. 

Marcelyn, the complete business logo reads "Where Dogs Hang Out and Cool People Chill." I've always found this amusing.

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