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Lab results for Anouk



Yesterday (Wednesday) we walked the muddy road (again) to Dra. Chely's clinic. With written results from Laboratorio Clínico Biomedica's analysis of Anouk's blood, Dra. Chely gave us the good and bad news regarding the health of our dog. First of all no really serious issues. Ears bad from infection and fungus on her feet, collar burns on both sides of her neck (remember Bud and Ray had to cut and remove her old collar), and Anouk has a slight liver problem. 

Dra. Chely wrote prescriptions for medicines and demonstrated procedures for administrating. She suggested giving Anouk carrots. But guess what, Anouk absolutely is not a vegetarian--no carrots!

Workers from Planet Teleacom were at our home installing antennas for Bud's ham radio hobby (it's only taken three plus years to secure permits, work thru complaints, etc.) and they enjoyed playing with Anouk. She slept well last night!

We definitely like Dra Chely.


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Did you try cooking the carrots and mushing them up in some dog food, or better yet, some hamburger?

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When my dog Daisy was getting old and sick I would buy a couple of chicken breasts from the Canasta Basica (cheap) and boil them up with carrots. No need to peel the carrots. After I cut the chicken from the bones I would throw in some rice and it was a delicious meal. You can make it in large batches and freeze it.

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