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Old Behavior



I went to bed early last night so my allocated sleep hours ended up early this morning. Having said that, looks like some ole "other site" members have arrived with the same old bully tactics and insults and can't see the truth if it hit them in the face. They are slowly testing the waters on this site. One thing I've noticed; "this administration and moderators Do NOT do personaities." So, it will be interesting counting the warnings and banning. Hope for the best but take what comes your way. 

Aristotle; "the only thing in life that is permenant is--Change."


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Hil J,

As an administrator I edited your post, but it appears that my edit does not get flagged by the software in the Blogs channel like it does in the Forums channel.

The reason for the edit is that I had to read the first sentence multiple times in order to realize that you had misspelled the fourth word. What was posted was "I went to be (sic)...". I corrected the spelling to read "I went to bed...".

i hope you don't mind. If you do, I can change it back to the original.

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Now I am writing as a regular member (my other persona is Admin_01).

i now look forward to your posts, having a small sample to work from. What you write and how you present your thoughts are exactly what we (my wife and I) want this website to become well known for. You are helping fulfill our goal for this website. Thank you for that.

We hope others follow your lead, and many have. Chiriqui.Life is off to a good start, but there are some rough edges. We are working on those edges.

Keep 'em coming.


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I'm looking forward to new and exciting comments and ideas for the province or panama in general. I understand the difficulty of dealing with huge numbers of people and keeping the focus on your goals for this site. In my opinion, the disgruntled ones that came to Panama and keep that attitude in such a wonderfull country should rethink why they are here. Humor in my opinion works when all else fails. I take four things in life very serious now days;





Have a nice day,

Hil Jenkins

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