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Found Missing Friend---Small World



I went throught special forces training with the 7th SFG in Okinawa (Camp Hardy) in 1970. I had been searching for the Captain or XO of the unit since then. I found him on a website yesterday. 45 years later. Life is an Adventure and not filled with misery like so many I meet today on social media.

This site is much better than the previous ones I visited.

I especially like the warnings and point system. And the Privacy of your database is great.

So far my opinion  is; free speech, fair behavior moving threads to proper locations, and quick banning of trolls.


Your work is cut out for you------But, you have the knowledge and tech skills to keep Boquete informed with this site.

The debating with hate is somewhat over now for most of us.

Some of the trouble makers from another site are here-------- They will soon learn to play with others or.................they'll figure it out.

Not everything in a blog is limited to Boquete. That's the beauty of this site. I was attacked by a few on another site for insuffcient time in Panama and not living in Boquete. Well, I travel to Boquete at least three days a week and spend money there, pay taxes here and I LIVE IN CHIRIQUI.

I'm not competing in class warfare or narcissitic behavior that I see on other sites.

Life is good and there are people on other sites that love chaos and misery.

Again, Thank You Bud.

My early morning gratitude.


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Thank you for sharing.

This website has been a labor of love, but worth the investment. We (my wife and I) believe this is the right thing to do -- being of benefit [our intention] to our friends and our adopted community. We know there will be some missteps, but with the understanding and support of the members, we, collectively, will improve the website and hopefully make life more enjoyable, and perhaps more productive. For us, life is more about what one puts into it, rather than what one gets out of it. And that understanding and support has been there (here?) in magnitudes beyond what we could dream of.

We recently spent three weeks in Maui doing the tedious, detailed planning and design of the website, and crafting of the guidelines, privacy policy, and terms and rules. There have been a few tweaks so far, but minor. We think we got it right for the most part. Your comments in this topic support that perception.

And so again, thank you.

Hasta pronto,


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I've been  a part of a few sites such as yours. All sites have a few minor problems at first. And, suggestions to you from members are considered promptly. Over all I find your site informative, well managed, and for the most part local. The rules are clear and concise. Some of us just need to reread them once in a while!!!!! lol

Have a good day Bud.



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I can't thank Bud enough for taking the initiative to do this work...and it's work.  He sez: "A labor of love" ...and he sez: " it's a group effort"

Don't kid yourself Bud's done the major share of the work.  That said he's open to admit when the site might  miss the mark (and especially in the beginning).  Frankly, I don't see the mark missed here yet and it's early and (a time when that's going to happen).  I have no doubt if the mark is missed Bud won't have thin skin about it.   It's a labor of love for him.   That's HUGE.     

Thanks Bud once again,   


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Muchas gracias.

The little kid in me wanted to say "aw shuckins" but my wife said not to do that. So you don't see that prior sentence.  :)

Pleased to see your use of CL and appreciate that. Please keep it going, and spread the word.


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