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Armed road rage driver turns himself in

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Armed road rage driver  turns himself in

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An armed  Panama driver videoed  firing a gun in a road rage dispute has surrendered to the Public Ministry

The incident took place on Ave. Omar Torrijos, on Tuesday, June 19, after a reckless driver clipped the car driven by Nelson Aguirre.

While waiting for the Transit Police the other driver became aggressive, got back into his vehicle did a U-turn and sped away and fired two shots at Aguirre who was hit in the leg. His wife was also injured.

The incident was videoed by another driver and appeared on social media.

According to the MP Primary Care Section the person involved in the incident has been charged.



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Road rage shooter stays jailed

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The Superior Court of Appeals of the First Judicial District of Panama has ruled legal the provisional arrest of a man, 37, involved in a June 19  incident that left two people wounded by a  firearm on Calle Omar Torrijos.

The court’s decision came after the magistrates analyzed a corrective habeas corpus presented by the defense lawyer of the detainee.

According to the Judiciary, the driver was arrested for the alleged “commission of the crime of possession of a weapon, to the detriment of Nelson Aguirre and his wife Denis De Los Ríos.”

The incident, following a verbal confrontation over driving irregularities.  was recorded on video by another motorist.



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