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Hello from THE WAG:

We are indebted to Alicia McGuigan, Sheila Strunk, and Bonnie Williams for the original newsletter project. Happily, Alicia continues today as an active member of THE WAG. She is joined by 19 others who helped make this issue possible.

THE WAG has been designed to be about and for our volunteers and supporters. As such, we are actively seeking topic suggestions for future issues. In particular, we’re looking for great stories from our clinics.

Here are just a few of the people and items we wrote about this month:

Dr. Andres Tello – A Profile
Puppy Clinic – Crate Training
Our Monthly Clinic Report
Save the Date – Annual Chili Cookoff
Amigos de Animales Goes Hollywood
Our School Volunteers

We hope you enjoy this inaugural issue!
Jane Vasarhelyi, Editor


Amigos de Animales Boquete provides low cost spaying and neutering of dogs and cats and promotes the general welfare of animals in Boquete and surrounding areas.

We started in 2005 as a direct response to a need in our community. At the time, packs of street dogs and feral cats roamed the streets and there was no access to, or information about, sterilization for these animals.

The first spay/neuter clinic sterilized 26 dogs and cats, with three vets attending. Since then, we have sterilized over 13,000 animals.

The impact of this on the health of both animals and humans has greatly enhanced the relative livability and safety of our community at large.

We depend upon donations and fundraisers as our only means of support.



Our monthly clinics would not be possible without the many donors whose generous contributions make up the difference between what it costs to sterilize Boquete’s animals and the revenue our clinics generate.
There’s a simple reason for this – we never turn away an animal because its owner can’t pay the full cost of the procedure.
Thank you to everyone who keeps us going month-by-month, year-by-year in our mission to stabilize Boquete’s pet population. You are truly special beyond measure and you have enabled our mission in ways none of us could even have imagined.

Animales T-Shirt

Beautiful, soft all-cotton with
colorful Animales logo.
All sizes. $10.

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May 2018
Stats at
a Glance

172 animals spayed and neutered
81 dogs   91 cats
Year-to-Date Sterilizations: 801
Vets – 6 + 1 new vet assistant
8 Hours Total
Total Volunteer Hours: 640
12 Volunteers from Guadalapano High School

Next clinic: Sunday June 24. Volunteer or Make a Reservation
or call 6563-8686.


Clinic Wish List

Anti-Bact Body Wash
Handwash (Purell)
Clorox (no generic cloro)
Crazy Glue (no other brand)
Duct & Masking Tape
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Sharpies (Black)

Heating Pads
Digital thermometers
Hydrogen Peroxide
Amigos de Animales
Profit and Loss
May 2018
Clinic Income                                         1,782.00
 Donations                                            35,436.15
 Interest Income                                          64.90
 Membership                                             215.00
 Other Income                                           140.00
 Rental Income                                          229.50

Total Income                        37,867.55

Advertising                                                 380.39
Building Repairs/Maint                           
Clinic Coordinator                                     255.00
Clinic Supplies                                            301.90
Food/Kitchen Supplies                             106.45
Freight                                                           23.78
Laundry                                                       112.50
Legal fees                                                    950.00
Office Expense                                             84.68
Phone Card/Internet                                   39.00
Utilities                                                          50.40
Vet Reimbursements                             1,819.00
Yard Maintenance                                       25.00

Total Expense                        4,729.36
Net Income                                     33,138.19

Learn More About the Clinics
Thank you, Sugar and Spice, for always being there when we need you and for providing sacks of delicious bread for our hungry and appreciative volunteers.
Greetings and Hola! Welcome to The Wag, the new newsletter for Amigos de Animales, for supporters of Animales and lovers of animals everywhere.
We want to give you a flavor of what goes on at Animales, the latest about our clinics, as well as tips for pet ow­ners and information about the world around us in Panama.
As you know, our principal focus is the spay and neuter clinics the last Sunday of every month, January through October. We also interact with the community in other ways such as animal education in the schools and our annual Venta de Patio event in September.
I have now been with Animales for 8 years and continue to be inspired by our clinics: the vets who work them, the volunteers who keep them running, and the pet owners who entrust their animals to us every month.
This past month, we had 12 students from Guadalupano High School with us. Their enthusiasm, care, and concern for the animals were wonderful to witness, and we are so pleased to be able to take part in the community service program at that school. Thank you to Magaly, who coordinates that program.
Working with the students and our regular volunteers and seeing the pet owners show such love for their animals and trust in our volunteers are what keep us going month after month. One of the pet parents was so worried at the last clinic that she was practically in tears while we attended her dog following surgery. 
Dra Linda came over and checked the dog out, poked and prodded, and reassured the woman that all was well. She and her pet left very happy a few minutes later.
Working the clinics is always a great experience; so much kindness and generosity of spirit go into making it a success. We have so many people to thank who make this all possible -- Heidi of Mike’s Global Grill as always for her pizza donations and welcome back to Rodrigo Marciaq with his donation of the best lettuce in Boquete. Thank you to everyone who donated delicious food to keep us nourished during the day and to Jane Hampton who kept the kitchen running so efficiently. And Carmencita even did the dishes!
-- Alicia McGuigan



By Bonnie Williams

When we speak about the beginning of Amigos de Animales, one name invariably comes to mind – Dr. Andres Tello, Chief Veterinarian of the Ruby McKenzie Spay and Neuter Clinic. Dr. Tello has been with us over rocky shoals, has inspired us, has kept us going with his overwhelming dedication to bettering the lives of all animals.

Read More About Dr. Tello
Larry Thompson (L) and Tom Anderson (R), dedicated volunteers at all Animales events. For now, you’re in our thoughts and prayers. In the hereafter, we’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

In Loving Memory
Tom Anderson, partner of Ruby McKenzie; Harley Bernbach, husband of Herta Bernbach; Larry Johnson, husband of Bonnie Williams; Sam Sacco, husband of Judy Sacco; Frank Santana, husband of Carol Cardinale-Santana, Casino Night and Yard Sale volunteer; Larry Thompson, husband of Dottie Thompson;  and Laszlo Vasarhelyi, husband of Jane Vasarhelyi.


The Mayor of Boquete has recognized Amigos de Animales for its valuable community contribution. Thank you Mr. Mayor. We love Boquete and appreciate your support.



Never been to one of our clinics?
Thanks to the marvelous videography of John Hampton, you can experience the clinic step-by-step.


And look for the video on the big screen soon. We now have a 49” flat-screen TV that will be showing the video in the waiting area at all clinics.
Two new ways to get the clinic experience up close and personal.
Check them out!


Want Us To Keep Doing It?
Please Make a Contribution.
You can give using the
convenience of PayPal.

Thank you for your gift!
We promise to use it wisely.

May Clinic

Jane’s Kitchen couldn’t feed our vets and volunteers without those who provide delicious breakfast and lunch dishes, and yummy postres.
Thanks to all who donated in the past and many thanks to our
May Foodies
Heidi Rehm (Mike’s Global Grill)
Rodrigo Marciaq
Sara Crocker
Beth Abrahams
Joann Stringer
Nancy Halbert
Nairn Kennedy
Libby Helprin
Cat Vann
Scott Kinnear
David Wulf
Linn Paul
Karl and Sheila Strunk
Rosie Crofutt

Make Mine Mike's


In days full of fearful yelps and yowls, bustling pre-surgical activity, end-on-end medical procedures, and barely the time for a quick bottle of water, the words “Pizza’s here!” have been the most welcome sounds of all.

A special thank you to Michael and Heidi Rehm for making “pizza” more than just a pie with toppings. At our clinics, “pizza” means fresh and delicious donations from“Mike’s Global Grill.”


In the Kitchen

Food Donations Needed
Jane's Kitchen feeds breakfast and lunch to a hundred hungry mouths at each clinic. These people rise early, stay late and depend on generous donations of food by our volunteer community. Any items are appreciated. Please contact Jane Hampton for details.

Brand Spanking New!

by Herta Bernbach
 Renovations have been completed on the Ruby McKenzie Clinic, making for a lighter and brighter space, sleek and ultra-modern.  A shiny white ceiling, sheet-rocked walls, and crisp new light fixtures provide better acoustics and a more welcoming feel.
Animales extends a special thank you to Rob and Betty Eyhorn, Jerry and Carole Loveless, and Lillian Eisberg, whose generous donations enabled initial construction of the building.  We also would like to say thanks to Victor Fuentes, our contractor and a great friend to Animales.



by Rosie Crofutt

Panama is an an animal-rich environment shared with over 200 other mammals. Each month, this column will spotlight some of the fascinating species with whom we co-habit.

First up, the clawed Tamarin monkey, which lacks a prehensile tail but makes delightful chirps, whistles and other intriguing noises and loves to eat scorpions.

Read More
Crate Training is a Kindness
By Kristine Berg
People often say: I plan to house train my puppy, why bother with crate training?  The answer is that crate training can boost your house training and give you a valuable tool to avoid the destruction of your home.

Obtain a step-by-step guide to crate training your puppy at Animals clinics , by contacting me directly, or by clicking below.
-- Kristine Berg is the Director of Salvadores de Animales and owner of Howling Success K9 Services.
Get the Step-by-Step Guide

Win a Case of Cerveza!
Guess the Missing Ingredients in
Ruby’s Award Winning
 “I Can’t Believe It’s Veggie Chili!”
It’s the delicious dish that had everyone wowed at last year’s
Chili Cook-off, the winner in the Vegetarian Class.


There’s just one catch – 2 ingredients are missing. Be the first person to guess them and win a case of beer!
Obtain a copy of the recipe here. Then, sample Ruby’s chili at the Cook-off and enter your guess. Good luck!
            Building on the legacy of Joan James, who founded the Boquete Feral Cat Feeding and Neutering Program, my husband Ray and I took on the project in 2016. In 2017, we took 114 community cats to be sterilized at the Amigos de Animales monthly clinics. We do T.N.R., Trap, Neuter and Return. Cats are not relocated but are returned to the site of their trapping.


             We also transport cats for anyone needing aid in getting animals to the clinic; help with sterilization fees when asked; and through the Feral Cat Feeding Program, feed  over 100 cats monthly at 8 feeding stations throughout Boquete.

            Please read further to learn about these beautiful creatures, how you can help to better their lives, and how to  notify us of feral cats needing assistance.
Read More About Boquete's Ferals

Mark These Dates

Let’s Play!
Date:  Fri July 6  1-4 pm
An afternoon of games, drinks & snacks. Bring your own games or play ours.
Dog’s Breath Chili Cookoff
Date:  Sat August 18  12– 2 pm
One of the most fun events of the Animales year. Make sure you don’t miss this one. Lots of great activities.
Boquete’s Most Popular Shopping Event--it’s the  Amigos de Animales Annual Venta de Patio – our Yard, Bake, Plant, & Food Sale. Three days of set-up, one of shopping. Make your plans NOW!
The 2019 Calendar is out!  Come join the fun as we eat, drink, and make merry.
The Wag Christmas Party. (It’s never too early to contemplate a good party.)

Enjoyed the Wag?
Subscribe today & continue the fun!

 Jane Vasarhelyi, Editor
Herta Bernbach, News Editor
Kirsten and Ray Quimby,
Community Editors
Sharon Brooks, Events Editor
Kris Berg, Contributing Editor
Rosie Crofutt,  Columnist
“The Nature of Panama”
Paula Litt,  Calendar Editor
Anne Harper, Copy Editor
Bonnie Williams, Contributing Editor
John Henry, Photography Editor
Fran Hogan   Additional Photography
Magaly Bustamante, Translation Editor
Martha Miranda, Translator
Gabriela Corimanya, Translator
Scott Cain, Translator
Beba Lopez, Translator
Judy Sacco,  Distribution Editor
Alicia McGuigan, Board Representative
Sheila Strunk, Ex Officio

THE WAG is published by Asociacion de Amigos de Animales, Boquete, Panama. AADAB is a charitable organization formed under the laws of Panama. Any Panamanian organization or individual may be eligible for a tax deduction for their gift of money or goods to AADAB. For more information, please contact Alicia.
If you have a story idea, correction or addition to any story, please contact The Wag directly.

Thank you to the following for providing pictures and graphics for this edition: Pngtree.com, <a href='https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/best-recipes-logo-with-yellow-pan_716181.htm'>Designed by Freepik</a>, Dreamstime.com, <a href='https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/vegetable-composition-with-slate_1306081.htm'>Designed by Freepik</a>, Freepik.com, Anne Savage, How to Speak Monkey, https://ed.ted.com/ Jose Soto, Tamarin Monkey with Baby, www.panamatourismtravel.com, Monkey Island, Tamarin Monkey, (flickr) AK Radish, Tamarin Monkey with long tail.

Copyright © *2018 Amigos de Animales Boquete, All rights reserved.

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