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Nice Weather - Summer of San Juan ?

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I’m ready for Little Summer.

Last Monday a man came into the shop where I was shopping. He appeared a little anxious and so I inquired how he was doing and/or what was new in his life. He told me that recently his house was struck by lightening. Not once, but twice, and it destroyed several appliances.

Said his almost new home has several copper rods for grounding inserted in the ground around the house and should have offered lightening protection.

Rushed home to ask about lightening protection for our home. 


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7 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

We're experiencing some nice weather the last few days. Is this the beginning of the Summer of San Juan or Veranito ? (Little Summer) 


We live down the street from Keith. He must have a rain shield over his house or he is dreaming he is in Barbados! ?

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