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Varela seeking Russian programs in Panama

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Varela seeking Russian programs in Panama

Varela and Putin
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Only two  Latin American presidents could find the time and the money to attend the opening concert of the World Cup in Red Square, Moscow. Juan Carlos Varela from Panama was one and Evo Morales of Bolivia the other.

Vladimir-Putin-Carlos-Varela-Plaza_LPRIMA20180613_0046_21-300x169.jpgRecent concerns about Vladimir Putin have minimized the presence of leaders and heads of state from countries with stronger pretensions to glory than Panama

“The culture and history of this country never cease to amaze me,” Varela said on his Twitter.

Meanwhile, Morales tweeted: “We salute the leadership of President Vladimir Putin in the search of a multipolar world. We are informed that Russia is promoting the Eurasian, Community we would like to be part of this economic integration. We also talked about expanding technical-military cooperation. ”

President Varela reported that he met with the authorities of different Russian universities, and  thanked them for the training they gave to more than 2,500 Panamanian professionals since the 1980s.

He added that cooperation areas were also discussed that allow the reactivation of programs for young Panamanians to  learn Russian, as a first initiative so that they can later study in the universities of that country.

He said that the Russian universities are already presenting offers to make this initiative a reality, proposals that will be discussed with the authorities of the Institute for the Formation and Use of Human Resources (Ifarhu).



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